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Northeastern Counseling Center's substance abuse prevention efforts focus heavily on increasing awareness in our communities. With a coverage area of Duchesne, Uintah and Daggett Counties, our prevention team relies heavily on local residents, church groups, civic groups, and businesses to host and promote our prevention presentations. Our prevention presentations are offered at no charge within our coverage area.

In an effort to reduce recidivism rates amongst first time juvenile offenders and DUI offenders, our prevention staff are certified instructors for the evidence based Prime For Life education classes. Prime for Life is available for both youth and adults to help them understand their risk for experiencing alcohol or drug problems.

In an effort to increase compliance and eliminate underage alcohol sales in our area, our prevention staff became trained to certify local businesses for the service and sales of alcohol.

For more information on any of our substance abuse prevention services, contact one of our offices.


in the Industry
Explains the addiction cycle and the attractiveness of Methamphetamines to the oil industry.
in the Community
Methamphetamines use affects our entire community including the user, families, place of work and our neighborhoods.
  Alcohol and the Teenage BrainResearch shows that alcohol affects the teenage brain differently than the adult brain. With the fun Parentsempowered.org presentation families will learn ways to reduce underage drinking.
 Prescription Drug Abuse/MisuseDefines abuse and identifies ways prescription drugs are misused every day.
 Harmful Effects of Energy DrinksLearn about the harmful effects of energy drinks. This presentation is adapted to the age of audience.
 HuffingBecome familiar with signs to look for and the ways to address. This presentation is given to adults only.
 Risk and Protective Factors Researched-based ways communities, schools and families can reduce substance use.

 Spice and Bath Salts What are they and what is the concern.