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Northeastern Counseling's professional staff of highly trained counselors utilizes a variety of clinical approaches in working with individuals and families struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Our treatment programs are designed to address each individual's needs, stemming from the initial clinical intake where a thorough assessment is completed and an individualized recovery plan is designed.

Using a combination of individual, and/or therapeutic groups, clients are able to work toward attainment of treatment goals and sustain progress in their treatment. Group services are used in many cases while working with the substance abusing population. Individual Therapy is routinely incorporated into the treatment process, as well as connecting the client to community resources and local support groups.

We are dedicated to helping individuals identify, adapt, and effectively deal with challenging and difficult circumstances, improving their ability to cope and adjust with the ultimate goal of improving their quality of living. We know firsthand dealing with difficult times can be overwhelming and we are focused on providing treatment that is the least disruptive to an individual or families' functioning and daily living.

Our approach is not focused on simply reducing symptoms but on building self-esteem, increasing emotional awareness and understanding, and improving relationships. While on the surface many people suffer from similar symptoms, problems, and diagnoses, you can only begin the journey toward an improved sense of self and a meaningful life if your symptoms or problems are addressed from your unique experience.

Childhood histories, current life demands, stressful events, trauma, and relationships all impact who we are and who we become. Sometimes these impacts lead to struggles in coping or not achieving our potential.

For certain people, daily life can be so overwhelming that we feel our sense of who we are is buried or lost. At the Northeastern Counseling Center, we believe that mental health is improved through the therapeutic relationship between you and the therapist. Through the therapeutic relationship, you will likely develop an understanding of the constructive and destructive forces working within you.

We are dedicated to an integrated treatment approach for you and/or your family. when appropriate, referrals to our psychiatrists are recommended to rule out the presence of psychiatric disorders.

At Northeastern Counseling we are able to integrate services and identify mental health and substance abuse issues with clients. The familiarity with all intervention and tasks inherent in an outpatient setting is part of our organizations' ability to be successful in delivering services to all clients served.